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Ultimate Holy Symbol For Manifesting Urgent Protection & Miracles

Over 3,432 people across the globe have used this
Blessed Symbol of St. Benedict to manifest urgent miracles & protection from harm, like:

  •  Receiving the miracles you always prayed for...
  •  Timely protection in dire situations...
  • ​ Unexpected help, windfalls and opening doors to opportunities...
  • ​ Urgent financial help in trying times...
Now it's your turn to carry this "secret weapon of the church" on you and receive abundant miracles and blessings like so many others.


On this powerful St. Benedict Medal of Protection for today only...

You're about to discover how the striking combination of St. Benedict's Holy Symbol and 3 solemn blessings can easily manifest urgent miracles in your life...

Dear brothers & sisters,

If you would like the opportunity to start attracting miracles in faith, healing and financial needs without going at it alone or "praying endlessly without being heard" (like most people do)... 

...This Holy Symbol of St. Benedict could be the most important finding for you all year!

The guidance of heaven has brought you to this very moment, with a specific symbol solemnly approved and recommended by the Church, with immense protection properties & an amazing track record of miracles observed.

No matter how small or insignificant you may feel, God sees your full potential - even if you don't realize it.

In fact God is ALWAYS watching out for you and He has sent his saints as great protectors to keep you out of harms way.

No matter where you are or what traumatic experiences you've had in life... Nothing is stronger than the combination of St. Benedict's blessing and his sacred symbol when it comes to manifesting unexpected urgent miracles.

Here's why...

St. Benedict is the #1 Saint when it comes to divine miracles and urgent protection

It's true... St. Benedict is the most formidable saint whose power is feared even by the Devil himself.

You can call upon St. Benedict ANY time you need help with urgent miracles... In fact, he loves when you call upon him.

Holy Father Benedict wants to support you in achieving your most personal prayer wishes.

He will intervene on your behalf to help you achieve the miracles that you seek... as long as those wishes come from a positive intention for you or for someone else.

As children of God, it is your divine right to receive aid in all its forms whenever you ask for it.

Watching you live a life of prosperity and abundance is God and St. Benedict's great desire.

And there's more...

More than any other symbol... St. Benedict's Holy Cross helps you ward off all evil and amplify your "miracle intentions".

St. Benedict is widely known as the patron saint of urgent miracles and for protection from all evil, curse, and vice.

According to priest Dom Gueranger, the medal is effective in:
  • Obtaining urgent miracles for financial needs, health and deliverance
  • ​Cleanse your body of fear, anxiety and negative energies.
  • ​Release any grip of evil of vice on you and your loved ones
  • ​Asking for inner peace/spiritual healing
  • ​Curing bodily afflictions especially as protection against contagious diseases
  • ​Destroying the effects of witchcraft and all other diabolical and haunting influences
  • ​Healing those who are suffering from wounds and illness
  • ​Obtaining the conversion of sinners, especially when they are in danger of death
And it works especially well if you have a prayer wish that's been on your mind all this time.

And here's the best part...

St. Benedict has a special connection to this powerful Holy Symbol... Here's why...

On 23 December 1741, it was approved by Pope Benedict XIV who solemnly recommended it to be worn by all the faithful.

Not just any ordinary religious pendant, the symbol contains an immensely powerful Latin prayer that "no evil can withstand".

That's why it's even been nicknamed as "Church's most powerful weapon against evil".

As you already know, Benedict of Nursia is the #1 saint to help urgent needs of miracles & protection.

And powers of St. Benedict also has a strong affinity with this symbol.

That's because... This Holy Symbol was actually designed & commissioned by St. Benedict himself!
Latin Prayer of St. Benedict's medal

It also contains 3 extremely powerful blessings...

Administered by the monks within the Basilica of St. Benedict, the holiest St. Benedict shrine in Italy.
The Father


The first prayer is for God's blessings over the user which is granted through the intercession of St. Benedict.
The Son


The second prayer is a detailed and solemn commemoration of the agony, sufferings and death of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit


The third prayer is to grant the power exorcism, giving the medal special powers of the grip of Satan and his forces.

St. Benedict presence is closely related to this particular medal, blessed at the birthplace of St. Benedict himself...

The Basilica of St. Benedict, Norcia, Italy
(consecrated by St. Benedict of Nursia)
One of the most spiritually important sites dedicated to St. Benedict, located in Norcia, Italy...

The area was constantly berated by earthquakes and natural disasters, but by divine intervention, surprisingly none of the monks were hurt...

As you already know, St. Benedict is the #1 Saint to help with urgent needs and miracles in your life.

Whatever you ask in prayer, it will be granted.

And when you bear his holy symbol you signal to the world to dispel negative energies and immediately start attracting miracles through the grace of St. Benedict more than anything else.

St. Benedict's medal is blessed with the same unwavering faith and miraculous power of deliverance from harmful disasters.

When you combine the intercession of St. Benedict and the Holy Symbol of protection, you become an unstoppable force for manifesting miracles on a renewed level of faith.

This medal can guide you to unlock opportunities for financial windfalls, powerful emotional & physical healing and divine protection all year-round - even whilst you're asleep.

With St. Benedict's protection surrounding you 24/7, you'll have more time to live the life you want...

Whilst your renewed connection opens you up to the tide of miracles like urgent healing, extra cash to pay bills or a dream you've always wanted...

Thousands of people from all around the world have been using these medals to manifest their desires.

And you can too! As long as you use them with good intentions...

Recent Reviews from our Wonderful Members

"I bought the St. Benedict medals a few months ago and gave one to each of my daughters. 3 days later, miraculously my eldest daughter suddenly told me that she wanted to attend church that weekend. Thank you for bringing my family together!"
- Nemesia Castro
"Thank you very much for the gift! I bought many St. Benedict medals to share with my closed friends and family. They love it so much. I myself wear it daily on my neck. He does intercede for any harm. St. Benedict, pray for us. God bless"
- Susan Esguerra
"I received my medals today and I absolutely love them. They are beautiful and I am no longer afraid with his protection. Thank you so much. I will be giving them as gifts. You people are amazing. May God bless you all!"
- Elizabeth Muniz

Manifesting your unexpected miracles with this St. Benedict Holy Symbol Medal is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 - Pray

Close your eyes for a few seconds and make a prayer for the miracle that you wish to attract.

Let your mind be silent and commit yourself to the hand of God so that your desires will be inspired by the spirit.

Your prayer wish could be something as simple as receiving a windfall the following week to pay the rent.

Once done, that's when you call upon St. Benedict for help and draw on his strength.

Step 2 - Wear

Wear the medal around your neck or carry it on your body to keep it close to you.

The St. Benedict medal is like a bullet-proof vest for spiritual protection!

You will also be connected in faith to the divine power of St. Benedict, and open the flood gates to receiving miracles.

Step 3 - Witness Miracles

How often can you call upon St. Benedict for miracles?
As long as you reach out in faith and with good intentions - there is no limit.

Here comes the fun part. This is where you sit back and start to open yourself up to the multitude of miracles that will start to flow to you.
  • More peace and contentment
  • ​More financial opportunities
  • ​Greater protection from evil influences
  • ​Better health and wellness
Being open to divine miracles also means that you'll have the power to bring miracles into other people's lives - so use it wisely!

For this is no ordinary medal of protection.

An Exclusive St. Benedict Holy Cross Medal

  • Powerful latin prayer of exorcism inscribed
  • 3 solemn blessings conducted
  • ​Light and made to wear every day
  • ​Strengthen your spiritual connection to St. Benedict and his powers for urgent needs and daily protection
It is recommended to wear the St. Benedict Medal as a necklace around the neck, or carry it with you... so that you can call upon St. Benedict at any time of day and ask for his help to attract miracles & protection.

You will start to see unexpected opportunities and miracles that you have prayed for - start to manifest in your life like:

  • Miracles for financial abundance - it's not unusual to receive unexpected windfalls or investments
  • Divine healing & contentment - some medal wearers have experienced physical, spiritual and emotional healing
  • Timely protection from unforeseen disasters - medal wearers have also received aid and avoided calamities & disasters
  • A wide variety of positive opportunities opening up - it's not unusual to receive guidance and blessings

What's it worth to receive enhanced miracle blessings & be enveloped in a bubble of protection all year round?

I'm sure you'll agree...

When you carry the Holy Symbol of St. Benedict with 3 Solemn Blessings...

You will strengthen your connection to the divine power that will enable you to start manifesting the miracles you want in life this year.

Because today you're getting a...

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We currently have close to 90,000 members in our saints prayer circle who are connected with St. Benedict's blessed pendant of divine protection. Our goal is to gather a 300,000 strong circle in St. Benedict's name to intercede prayer requests for each other daily.

Miracles do happen with the power of prayer. Let us amplify our prayers with thousands of voices together!
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